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CO2 Sensor Module For OEM Applications

CO2 Sensor For OEM Applications (EE891)
The CO2 sensor module was developed specifically for large-volume production and for OEM applications. The CO2 sensor used is based on infrared technology (NDIR) and is maintenance-free thanks to the patented E+E auto-calibration process. The auto-calibration compensates for any ageing effects of the CO2 sensor, and excellent long-term stability is guaranteed.

The digital interface of the CO2 sensor module and the minimal-sized design permit very easy integration into devices, e.g. for demand controlled ventilation or data loggers. The EE891 is based on the latest generation of CO2 sensor measurement cells and impresses thanks to the compact design.

The low power consumption of the EE891 CO2 sensor module is unique! The adjustable measurement interval allows the average power consumption to be reduced to less than 60μA. The perfect solution for battery-powered devices. The high level of measurement accuracy and the extensive measurement range up to 10000ppm means that the CO2 sensor module can be used for a very wide range of applications.


CO2 Sensor Transmitters

CO2 Sensor For Duct Mounting (EE85)
Duct mounted carbon dioxide transmitters of EE85 series are designed for HVAC applications. The CO2 sensing element uses the Non-Dispersive Infrared Technology (NDIR). A patented auto-calibration procedure compen- sates for drift caused by the aging of the sensing element and guarantees outstanding long term stability.
Installed into a duct a small flow of air will be established by convection through the probe into the transmitter housing and back into the duct. Inside the transmitter housing the air will diffuse through a membrane into the CO2 sensing element.
The operation in closed loop air stream avoids pollution of the CO2 sensor.
CO2 Sensor For Industrial Applications (EE82)
Measuring instruments in green houses or life stock barns are exposed to a very demanding environment: high humidity levels, pollutants like fertilizers, herbicides and high ammonia concentrations are just a few of the many hazards.
The robust, functional housing of the EE82 with integrated special filter has been designed for such applications.The air diffuses through the filter into the instrument enclosure. Then the air diffuses further through a second membrane filter integrated in the CO2 measuring cell.

The CO2 measurement is based on the non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology. The patented auto-calibration procedure compensates for aging of the infrared source and guarantees high reliability, long term stability and eliminates the need of periodical recalibration in the field.

HVAC Transmitter For CO2 / Humidity / Temperature (EE80)
The EE80 series combines CO2 , relative humidity (RH) and temperature (T) measurement in one housing. The snap-in mounting concept stands for easy installation and replacement within seconds.
EE80 series set new standards in CO2 measurements for HVAC. The operation is based on the infrared principle. A patented auto-calibration procedure compensates for the aging of the infrared source and ensures outstanding long term stability.
The basic EE80 version for CO2 and T can be easily extended with a RH plug-in module. The well proven E+E sensor technology guarantees accurate and long term stability.

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