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Handheld Humidity / Temperature / Dew Point Meters (HUMIPORT 05/10/20)
Handheld thermo-hygrometers of the HUMIPORT series set new standards because of the combination of the latest technology and design. HUMIPORT thermo- hygrometers offer very accurate measurement of relative humidity and temperature and also calculation of dewpoint temperature and absolute humidity.
Excellent readability of the very large and illuminated display, the simple thumbwheel operation and the very robust case also allow use in tough industrial environments.3 models are available:

  • HUMIPORT 05: Compact handheld thermo / hygro- meter with fixed sensing probe
  • HUMIPORT 10: Handheld thermo / hygrometer with fixed sensing probe
  • HUMIPORT 20: Handheld thermo / hygrometer with flexible sensing probe
Portable Handheld Meter For Humidity, Dew Point, Moisture In Oil, Air Velocity, … (OMNIPORT 20)
To measure various climate and processes values with a handheld, user-friendly instrument requires extraordinary measurement technology. The handheld meter of the OMNIPORT 20 series meets these multiple demands.
The selection of the appropriate sensing probe and accordingly the configuration of the handheld meter allow for displaying the following values with the highest accuracy:

  • relative humidity RH
  • temperatur T
  • dew point temperature Td
  • absolute humidity dv
  • mixing ratio r
  • air velocity v
  • water activity (in oil) aw
  • water content (in oil) x
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