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Multichannel – Sensortelemetry
  • Applications:
    • Construction machinery
    • Gear and motor measuring technology
    • Helicopter rotors
    • Hoisting plants in mining
    • Laboratory measuring technology
    • Machine monitoring
    • Process monitoring
    • Process technology
    • Slip- ring replacement
    • Test- stand technology
    • Turboblowers
    • Vehicle measuring technology
    • Wind generators
Radio – Sensortelemetry wireless
  • Applications:
    • Force measurement at conveyor chains
    • Measurements on large shafts (< 1 m; cement mills, wind power mills)
    • Shafts with large movements under load (> 50 mm; train drives)
    • Short- term measurements in the test range (< 1 day)
    • Wheel measurements on the vehicle with the goal of avoiding disturbing supply lines
Remote- Control – Sensortelemetry (RMC)


The RMC technique (ReMote Control) is for both FM and for the telemetric telemetry available. With this technique it is possible to condition the ranges during the measuring operation online. Here up to 8 pre-defined ranges with different sensitivities (e.g. 0.0625 mV/V to 8mV/V) can be selected via control panel or via a serial interface. With this technique it is also possible to correct a zero error on the test object, without limiting the range.

  • Applications:
    • Automotive
    • Laboratory applications
    • Materials
    • Test- bench applications
Sensortelemetry for Ex- Applications ex
  • Applications:
    • Agitator monitoring
    • Data transmission from high/low pressure areas
    • Feed rate measurement (torque, pressure, temperature)
    • Polishing devices with inflammable materials
    • Viscosity measurement
Singlechannel – Sensortelemetry


Through a robust transmission method, this family is particularly suitable for harsh environments, such as can occur in the automation and vehicles.
Optionally, the remote range selection, zero and gain adjustment with the remote-control technology (RMC) is possible.

  • Applications:
    • Safeguards in the aeronautical
    • Temperature monitoring of large power
    • Torque measurement in the screw and assembly technology
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