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You need reliable and flexible measuring technology immediately? No problem with the regular models. We offer a wide range of sensor solutions that can be used anywhere, from test benches and medical technology up to highly complex industrial products.

Torque Sensor Series 2000

NCTE Torque Sensors Series 2000

Nominal Torque: 2,5 – 500 Nm
Rotational Speed: ≤ 5.000 r.p.m.

Inexpensive, reliable, easy to integrate: With the Series 2000 you can measure torques quickly and easily - both statically and dynamically. The sensors are mechanically connected via a round or square shaft. Their accuracy amounts to 1% and they provide an analogue output signal of 0.5 V.

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Torque Sensor Series 2300

NCTE Torque Sensors Series 2300

Nominal Torque: 1 – 100 Nm
Rotational Speed: ≤ 10.000 r.p.m.

The 2300 Series measures torques statically or dynamically in real time at an unbeatable price/performance ratio. You may order the shaft either round or square. We may configure the sensors individually for you if, for example, you need an angular sensor or the higher protection class IP65. Signal outputs of our 2300 Series are equally flexible: 0-10 V, 4-20 mA, CAN bus or USB. The USB port comes with the appropriate NCTE software and you may display the measured data directly on a screen.

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Torque Sensor Series 3200

NCTE Torque Sensors Series 3200

Nominal Torque: 10 – 100 Nm
Rotational Speed: ≤ 10.000 r.p.m.

The 3200 series has been specially developed for the confined space conditions that prevail in test benches. This allows existing systems to be easily updated. The extremely compact dimensions allow easy retrofitting or implementation into existing systems, e.g. the sensor can be installed in front of screwdrivers and the exact torque of each screwdriving operation can be measured. Compared to strain gauge based sensors, the Series 3200 impresses with its completely non-contact, maintenance- and wear-free measuring system.

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Torque Sensors Series 3000 & 4000

NCTE Torque Sensors Series 3000 & 4000

Nominal Torque: 50 – 2000 Nm
Rotational Speed: ≤ 10.000 r.p.m.

Both our Series 3000 and the identically designed Series 4000 have been developed for highest precision tasks, such as those required in medical equipment. The sensors of both series measure particularly reliably and accurately (0.2% in the 3000 series and 0.1% in the 4000 series). Both variants can determine torques statically and dynamically in real time. Shafts are available as round or square types. In addition, we can configure the sensors individually for you and, for example, offer an angular sensor. Increasing the protection class to IP65 is no problem either.

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Torque Sensors Series 5000

NCTE Torque Sensors Series 5000

Nominal Torque: 10 – 25 kNm
Rotational Speed: ≤ 5.000 r.p.m.

NCTE has developed the 5000 series to measure particularly high torques in excess of 10,000 Nm. As a special design this sensor can detect up to 150,000 Nm. As usual, our technology works contactless and very reliably. The 5000 Series can measure static and dynamic torques and put out the results directly to you. We adapt the sensor to your requirements: Optionally, we offer a customer-specific nominal torque, angular sensor or speed sensor and the higher protection class IP65. Signal outputs of the 5000 series are also versatile: You may choose between 0-10 V, 4-20 mA, CAN bus and USB. Along with the USB output you will get our NCTE software, which displays the measured data on a connected screen in real time.

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Torque Sensor Series 7000

NCTE Torque Sensors Series 7000

Nominal Torque: 3 – 5 kNm
Rotational Speed: ≤ 3.600 r.p.m.

Special challenges require special measuring technologies. This is why we have developed the 7000 Series - particularly robust torque sensors that work perfectly even at high nominal torque ranges (3,000 Nm to 5,000 Nm) and are therefore ideally suited for demanding applications, for example in agriculture. Our system measures torques statically and dynamically in real time. We configure our sensors of the 7000 series according to your ideas: For example with additional power take-off shafts, sleeves or the higher protection class IP65. For signal output we are offering 0-10 V, 4-20 mA, CAN bus or USB. Along with the USB port option, we supply you with our suitable NCTE software, which enables direct data analysis on a screen - simply by plug & play.

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Torque Sensor E-Bikes

NCTE Sensor E-Bikes

How do e-bikes and pedelecs have to perform? They should drive smoothly and harmoniously - regardless of how intensively the driver pedals. If the drive jerks and the e-bike only accelerate with delay, the riding feeling and, thus, the overall impression will suffer. The E-bike torque sensors ensure that electric bicycles are as easy and relaxed to ride as your customers expect them to be.

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General information

Torque measuring flanges from MANNER can be employed for the measurement of both static and dynamic torques on rotating or stationary shafts and machine flanges. Using the torque and and rotation speed parameters,…

Automobile Torque Sensors

Universal Shaft Transmitter with Evaluation Unit

MANNER Sensortelemetry manufactures high precision torque sensors for measuring applications in the automobile branch. These include belt pulleys, flexplates, articulated and side shafts as well as articulated shaft flanges. Material and design are optimised for the respective measurements and guarantee precise measured data.

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Customer-Specific Flanges

Customer-specific Torque Measuring Flange
with Toothed Ring for Rotation Speed Measurement

MANNER Sensortelemetry engineering team fashions custom made torque flanges with or without integrated rotation speed measurement according to specific customer wishes.

MANNER's competent engineering team would be happy to provide you with a proposal for an optimal solution to your measuring task in the form of individual custom made measuring sensors or individual series production.

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High Speed Torque Measurement

Sensor Telemetry for Fast Runner

MANNER Sensortelemetry provides systems specially designed to meet the demands of high speed measurements. Specially manufactured products with high rotation speed and acceleration resistances ensure that you can also reap the benefits of MANNER sensor telemetry in the turbo charger field. This enables precise sensor signals to be captured with speeds of up to 200,000 revolutions per minute and transmitted using non-contact inductive coupling.

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Standard Measuring Flanges XtreMa
- Measuring Range 10 Nm - 100 kNm.

MANNER Standard Measuring Flanges

In addition to custom made products and client-specific series production, MANNER Sensortelemetry also provides a diverse range of torque flanges from its standard portfolio.

Select the optimal measuring flange from a range of different sizes and categories and choose between a multitude of order options, e.g. improved accuracy class, increased temperature range, rotation speed measurement and much more…

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