Torque Sensors Series 5000

Torque Sensors Series 5000

NCTE Torque Sensors Series 5000

Nominal Torque: 10 – 25 kNm
Rotational Speed: ≤ 5.000 r.p.m.

NCTE has developed the 5000 series to measure particularly high torques in excess of 10,000 Nm. As a special design this sensor can detect up to 150,000 Nm. As usual, our technology works contactless and very reliably. The 5000 Series can measure static and dynamic torques and put out the results directly to you. We adapt the sensor to your requirements: Optionally, we offer a customer-specific nominal torque, angular sensor or speed sensor and the higher protection class IP65. Signal outputs of the 5000 series are also versatile: You may choose between 0-10 V, 4-20 mA, CAN bus and USB. Along with the USB output you will get our NCTE software, which displays the measured data on a connected screen in real time.

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