The New B24 Bluetooth® System - Wireless Strain Monitoring

The new Bluetooth® system sends data straight to your smart device, making multi-channel wireless strain monitoring affordable for smaller scale applications.

Powerful App Functionality

The free mobile app interface creates uncluttered dashboards for hands-on measurement

Miniature pressure transmitter Highest precision, smallest possible design

In the, STS is bringing to the market an innovative pressure transmitter for demanding tasks in Test & Measurement applications. This new precision pressure transmitter packs the most modern technology within a highly-rugged miniature housing. Developers in the car industry, aviation and engineering will thus be receiving a high-precision measurement instrument, which, at only 40 grams in weight and a size of just 17.5 x49 millimeters, holds great promise for new application options. The intent is that mounting, even upon small and twisty components, no longer becomes an issue.

The new Vortex-dV motorised torque tester

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