Bluetooth Telemetry

Model B24-SSB

Bluetooth Strain Transmitter

  • Wide sensitivity input – choose from +/- 6mV/V, +/- 12 mV/V, +/- 24 mV/V, +/- 48mV/V
  • Noise free resolution up to 110,000 counts (16.75 bit)
  • Up to 3 months of continuous use at three samples per second.
  • Monitor up to 12 transmitters by a single device, or multiple devices
Bluetooth Telemetry

B24 iOS & Android

App for B24 Bluetooth Transmitters

  • The mobile app interface creates uncluttered dashboards for hands-on measurement.
  • Display data from your strain bridge module direct to Android or iOS
  • Create real time measurement projects via highly configurable dashboard
  • Choose from 5 different tile types to customise your dashboard